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Serving at the highest standards of compliance

Serving at the highest standards of compliance

Mercom is a registered Financial Service Provider – FSP 49041 

We Are Effective In Areas Of Practices

Why Choose Us

Mercom is a company comprising of a group of young skilled professionals in the South African Insurance sector. After our years of experience, we found there was a need for a new approach to Insurance Business and Regulatory Compliance in a way that ensures that the companies we work with can comply with legislation but at the same time improve internal operations and overall efficiency so they can focus on profitability.

Serving at the highest standards of compliance

We aim to serve our clients by providing the highest standards of compliance and business services but also deliver these solutions in a simplistic way so that our clients can better understand the role of compliance in their business. 

Fresh In-Depth View of Upcoming Changes

With the overhauling of the regulatory environment in South Africa, we bring in a new generation of Compliance Officers, Legal Advisors, Risk Managers and Insurance Product Specialist that have a fresh in-depth view of current and upcoming changes in our field. 


We do not take the tick box approach of compliance but are hands on in the implementation of compliance strategies. Our strategies are centralised on Treating Customers Fairly which is the groundwork for the new changes in the Regulator.

Why Us

Current & Up to Date 

We are current with the new and upcoming regulations having been providing workshops and training programmes on the new Regulatory model.

Treating You Fairly

Our core focus is Treating Customers Fairly and this can only benefit your business.

Tailor-Made Solution

We offer you tailor-made solutions to suit your unique business. You do not pay for what you do not need!

An Involved & Dynamic Team

We offer a new approach to compliance by being more involved in your business but still maintain objectivity. We are a young dynamic team with not only strong background in Compliance, Risk and Insurance Business. We understand how important the growth of your business is to you.

Helping you Make sense of the impact on your business

We keep it simple! We can interpret compliance and business regulations and present the information to you in a manner that makes sense and explains how it affects your business.

End to End Compliance Solutions

More importantly, we offer and an end to end compliance solution that allows you to focus on the success of your business and leave compliance to us. The compliance strategies we will provide you with will maximise efficiency in your business.

Our Services

Compliance Services

We will provide you with a licensed Compliance Officer who will be active in your business. The Compliance Officer will:

  • Assess your business
  • Present you with a gap analysis 
  • Create a new compliance framework
  • Recommend effective strategies to fill those gaps
  • Oversee the implementation of those strategies
  • Audit the process of strategies implemented and provide you with a report
  • Recommend changes to the process and revaluate these processes monthly.
Risk Management
Our risk management specialists have the qualifications and experience to minimise your business risk so your business can be prepared for every possible scenario in your industry

  • Assess your Business
  • Identify Risk Areas
  • Create a Risk Management Framework
  • Scenario Planning
  • Prioritise risks in the business and provide solutions to avoid or minimise risks
  • Conduct monthly evaluations to review risk exposure and identify any new risks that the business is exposed to.
Training Services

The need for Regulatory Training has become more important than ever. Since 2017, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority has established a minimum criterion for brokers working in the Industry. It is our goal that we provide support you’re your Regulatory Training. We offer the following support:

  • RE5
  • RE1
  • RE3
Insurance Solutions
After extensive research, we have found a product that all South Africans need. Through our partnership with Clientèle Life.~

The Clientèle Estate Preservation Plan is designed to assist in ensuring that your last wishes and legacy are realised. The Plan protects the financial interests of your Estate’s beneficiaries from the costs associated with the winding up of your Estate, as well as providing financial security during this often lengthy process.

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